INFINITI QX50. What New For 2019

INFINITI QX50. What New For 2019

Infiniti QX50 2019 model is ready. The Infiniti promote word for QX50 “The all-new 2019 INFINITI QX50 was designed with one thing in mind: you. Every inch, every feature and every innovation has been carefully designed to inspire, enhance and fulfill your inherent potential. From the world’s first Variable Compression Turbo engine and empowering ProPILOT Assist technology to a driver-centric design, you are the center of QX50’s universe”.

Yes that what they said, so let take a look more deeply to new 2019 INFINITI QX50.

2019 infiniti QX50 Test Drive

What New For 2019

For 2019, The entire QX50 platform is new, too. The body-in-white is 23 percent stiffer than before. Lighter, too, but we’ll wait until we plop one on our scales to be sure exactly how much. The old QX50 was derived from the G sedan (now called the Q50) and as such was the front-engine and rear-wheel drive. That’s a great combination for a sports sedan, but, as it turns out, a fairly crummy way to lay out a small SUV. The new QX50 is front-engine, front-wheel drive, but (of course) it can be had with AWD.

Why is this better? Basically, a front-engine, the rear-drive vehicle has its transmission behind the engine, eating up precious cabin space. In an FWD-derived vehicle, the transmission can be next to the engine. In terms of roominess and cargo capacity, FWD platforms are the better way to build a people schlepper. Years ago a friend of mine had to sell her EX35 because her infant’s car seat wouldn’t fit. No such problems will happen with the new QX50. In fact, the spacious baby hauler now sports reclining rear seats.

Like the Q50 sedan and Q60 coupe, the QX50 comes with Infiniti’s much-maligned—and let’s be real, rightly maligned—steer-by-wire technology. However, unlike the Q50 and Q60, the QX50’s virtual steering feels pretty good. The SUV steers just like a normal vehicle and as well as any of its competitors. Sports car good? No way, but then that’s not the segment the QX50 competes in. But hey! For the first time ever I’m saying something nice about Infiniti’s literally disconnected steering.

Infiniti QX50 2019

Speaking of steering by wire, the QX50 can be had with Nissan and Infiniti’s ProPilot Assist, a system that under certain conditions can steer, brake, and accelerate the vehicle. Until passenger cars come packing actual artificial intelligence, it’s best to think of all systems resembling ProPilot Assist as fancy forms of cruise control. Basically, they can relieve a little bit of the suffering from being stuck in stop-and-go traffic. In addition, these not-quite-autonomous systems prevent you from killing others if you look at a text message or open a bottle of water.

How Much It Cost

To own the 2019 Infiniti QX50 you need to bring $40,000 up to $60,000  to Car Dealer. Pricing starts below $40,000 for the base Pure trim with front-wheel drive and can exceed $60,000 for a fully loaded QX50 in Essential trim with all-wheel drive (an $1800 upgrade at all three trim levels).



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