BMW 3-Series. What New For 2019?

BMW 3-Series. What New For 2019?

Another 2019 cars from BMW, the next-gen BMW 3-Series, will come out with new engine system, and design modifications, like other upcoming cars from BMW, The 3-Series design will have Luxury touch at cabin section. So in this short article, we will talk about 2019 BMW 3-Series new design, and also new engine transmission of the next-gen 3-Series.

2019 BMW 3-Series Spy Shots

What New For 2019

For 2019 design, The new 3-series features large headlights that appear to merge into the brand’s classic kidney grille design. That grille will employ shutters that open and close at higher speeds to improve aerodynamics and fuel economy. Meanwhile, the 3’s body sides will include a handful of character lines that sweep across the car’s four doors. Expect the front fenders to house a pair of functional vents that mimic those on other BMW models.

The change also is afoot inside the new 3-series, which appears to usher in a new iDrive control knob, new center-console buttons, and model-specific seats. As in other recent BMWs, the new 3-Series will have a center stack that’s curved toward the driver, and it will offer an optional digital gauge cluster and the latest iDrive software, which will include a touchscreen that works in conjunction with the console-mounted control knob.

Inside the cabin, we’ve seen that the G20 3 Series will boast a radically different cabin from the current F30 car. It gets a new dash layout, one more in keeping with BMW’s new design language, as well as a new iDrive controller, a new shift lever, an electric parking brake and, most importantly, an entirely new digital gauge cluster. From some spy photos we’ve seen, the new 3 Series will boast new digital gauges like that of the 8 Series Concept, which is quite exciting.


Talk about performance, the 2019 3-Series will use four-cylinder gas engines are said to carry over to the new car unchanged, plus or minus a few horsepower. Base models likely will continue to bear the 320i badge and rely on a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four with about 180 power, while 330i models will pack roughly 250 ponies. Rear-wheel drive will be standard, with optional all-wheel-drive models getting the usual xDrive badge. The six-cylinder 340i may give way to a harder-edged M340i M Performance model with approximately 350 horses that will allow the 3-series to battle the Audi S4 and the Mercedes-AMG C43 properly. The plug-in-hybrid 330e is expected to see upgrades that will improve upon the current model’s small 14-mile all-electric EPA driving range. Additionally, BMW is expected to introduce an entirely electric version of the new 3-series. The model will be aimed directly at the Tesla Model 3, and it should have more than 200 miles of range.

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2019 BMW 3-Series Side View

How Much it Cost?

To own 2019 BMW 3-Series you will need $30,000 for four-cylinder models, the plug-in hybrid adding another $5000 or so to the ticket, and the six-cylinder versions pushing well past $50,000.


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2019 BMW 3 Series Side View2019 BMW 3 Series Spy Shots